-1 Any Business Focus -1 Any Solution Focus 1 Advanced Infrastructure Solutions -1 Any Solution Focus 15 Active Directory Design and Deployment 17 Data Management / Migration and Server Consolidation 16 Exchange Migration or Deployment 20 Hosting Solutions 19 Microsoft Identity Integration Server 18 Storage Solutions 22 Systems Management 4 Business Intelligence Solutions -1 Any Solution Focus 33 Data Warehouse 34 DSS, Data Mining, OLAP 5 Information Worker Productivity Solutions -1 Any Solution Focus 35 Communications and Collaboration 38 Personal Productivity 36 Portals 37 Project and Process Management 3 Integrated E-Business Solutions -1 Any Solution Focus 27 BizTalk Server 25 Commerce Server 28 Content Management Server 26 SharePoint Portal Server 6 ISV/Software Solutions -1 Any Solution Focus 7 Microsoft Business Solutions -1 Any Solution Focus 2 Networking Infrastructure Solutions -1 Any Solution Focus 23 Small Business Server Implementation 24 Windows Server Implementation 11 Security Solutions -1 Any Solution Focus 41 Identity and Access Management 40 Secure Wireless, VPN, + Perimeter 39 Security Management + Operations
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